Reese Witherspoon Loses Baby Weight By Jogging With Friends

Reese Witherspoon Loses Baby Weight By Jogging With Friends

Gaining weight is a natural part of pregnancy. In theory, once the baby is born, it would all be gone, right? But all new mothers experience unwanted weight after giving birth, and Reese Witherspoon had found a great way to loose the pounds! The actress, who gave birth to Tennessee James Toth in September, has been fighting to get back her pre-baby body, and she’s doing it with friends at her side. Reese burns off the baby fat jogging with her girlfriends.

It’s an acquired skill,” she admits, “being able to discuss your love life and kids, all while you’re burning.” Rather than indulge in a latte to gab about nursing and tummy time, Reese substitutes a healthy, light jog. Doing so not only saves the calories of an unneeded meal, it helps to burn. Jogging, when done right, improves heart strength, endurance, and helps to tone. The best side effect? Weight loss! Reese has previously admitted that a 2-week body turn around after pregnancy just wasn’t her style, but a friendly jog is. “We’ve mastered it!” she exclaimed. What are your post-baby weight loss tricks?


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