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  1. kristi says:

    I’m so over the judgmental tone that has been used more and more lately in the stories you guys publish. It’s not your place to have the site be about “opinions” when its supposed to be about parents and the things they go through. Kris only wants to void the prenup, which is why hes been fighting. If both parties are finished with the relationship, its over, a piece of paper doesn’t change anything. I’m not even a fan of the Kardashians, but man, let her be happy. It’s not like shes some junkie who is going to be living off the state to support her child, she has an amazing support system and will be fine.

  2. Tiredocrap says:

    I really think you need to do some reading on exactly how an annulment works and what is required. It’s not something you can automatically get just because both persons want it. You need to be able to prove there was something invalid about it in the first place. Kris claims fraud, well guess what he was not able to prove that so annulment is not an option. He needs to grow up, take his lumps for being so stupid in the first place and get the divorce and move on.

  3. SueElla says:

    Kris is anything but blameless in all this. It seems to me that he so wants to remain in Kim’s life that he will keep this divorce/annulment as long as he possibly can. Shame, but good for Kim and Kanye for moving forward with their lives despite Humphries!

  4. life is bigger than the small things says:

    crazy how so much time is spent passing judgement and discussing someone and a situation that everyone claims to not really care about. it’s lucky for writers like this and others that their personal life issues aren’t accessible to general public. how insulting to speak on behalf of what either of their parents would think….that is not for you to say or speak ill of…very rude and insulting to them and anyone reading this that’s lost a parent .

    they’ve made the choices in life they’ve made so be it…in the scheme of things it really doesn’t matter or affect the rest of the adult population in any way. we have our own lives to live. if anything congratulate and wish them a succesful pregnancy and leave it alone…or better yet..don’t mention it at all if the urge to be judgmental and catty can not be fought.

    people making the same negative comments over and over really gets old..

  5. Aimee says:

    Agreed. I don’t follow Kris or Kim too closely but of what I do know the fact that Kim is still married is out of her control. If you knew anything about that situation you would know that Kris is trying to take Kim to court to get her to admit that her wedding was a fraud to get ratings and money. Kim can’t get a divorce because Kris desperately wants this to go to court. FURTHER MORE how dare you speak about knowing how either of their deceased parents would feel. Again any common sense would have lead you to know that Kim’s father was a lawyer and believe me she would not still be married if he was alive. This is my first trip to this site and I’m not coming back. Enjoy your freedom of speech but it’s far too judgemental for my taste.

  6. Gabriel says:

    This article is disgusting!! how dare you have the audacity to demean someone to such a degree. Bringing up Kayne’s late mother and Kim’s late father? “Her Husband” “His Wife” you make is sound like they are still married and living together and she is a cheating whore. Your lack of common sense shocks me. Get a grip. If my memory serves me correct Kris also had a girlfriend not to long ago. So cut the BS and stop with the overly dramatic, judgmental articles. I really am shocked by what you have said. Very disappointing. I personally do not have my father in my life, and to throw that around so loosely is rude and insensitive. Have fun when no one reads your articles anymore because you are a judgmental bitch. Ta Ta x

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  8. Dee says:

    This article is terrible and judgemental. To condemn the relationship of two people who
    are obviously in love, and expecting their first child is wrong. We all know that the only reason Kim is still technically married, is because Kris refuses to divorce her, and that is holding Kim hostage technically in a marriage that should never have taken place in the first place. To encourage a resistant party to participate in an annulment, just to let the other party get their way, is dishonest, and irresponsible. You have to have a very valid reason for an annulment, anything else would be fraudulent, because Kim would be lying under oath, just to give into Kris’s demands. Kim is married, and only technically. She has made her feelings very clear and has taken action to disengage and divorce the man she no longer loves or wants to be with. It is not her fault he holds on, neither should she stop living her life on account of his truculent behavior about giving her a divorce. Congratulations to Kim and Kanye on their pregnancy, I am very happy for them, it is obvious they are soul mates!

  9. Angela says:

    99.99% of Americans agree with this article.

    Good luck, Kim, having a baby with a man who is obviously brain damaged from his car accident.

  10. Ameline says:

    These 2 doucebags really deserve each other. The kid will be so phucked up like them.

  11. Gemma says:

    Kirs Humphries is a spoiled, arrogant, tool. Kim is admittedly an air head but there is nothing nasty or malicious about her, just a beautiful girl trying to have a glamorous and romantic life, what’s so wrong with that? Kris could still be with her if he’d have loved her but it was obvious after a very short while that he wanted to be the star in their marriage and deeply resented that Kim was loved and famous so started to treat her like the dirt under his shoe, so WHY DID HE PROPOSE TO HER??? He knew what her career was and should have been grateful and in love but he is a diva, more like a girl and wanted all the attention. Same reason for why he wants ‘annulment’ just to be petulant and important.

    I’m delighted she has moved on despite his desperate attempts to try to hold her back. Good luck with her relationship and new baby! xxx


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