Mom Of 4 Tori Spelling Lets Her Hair Down For Adult Only Wedding

Mom Of 4 Tori Spelling Lets Her Hair Down For Adult Only Wedding

Finding mommy time is hard with one baby, but imagine having four! When Tori Spelling was invited to a friend’s adult-only wedding in Santa Monica, she began to anxiously form a plan so she wouldn’t have to be apart from her kids. After obsessively looking up hotel rooms and planning on a babysitter accompanying her, husband Dean McDermott stepped in and suggested they turn the trip into a mom and dad only vacation! Tori responed, “What?? No chicken fingers? No SpongeBob? No “Wipe me I poo’d”? Hmmm… That sounded terrifying!! The quiet alone would probably send me off the deep end.”

But she soon saw the light, and away to Santa Monica they went! On the day of the wedding, she found she couldn’t focus. “I texted home a few times to find the kids were… wait for it… totally fine without us. Having fun with Laura who was caring for them and not missing us the slightest. I think that knowledge allowed me to let go. So, I put my phone away and let down my hair… literally.” Then, her alter ego Teri took over and began drinking red wine, dancing madly, and screaming “moms gone wild!” After weeping and telling the bride’s mother how happy she was, Teri made it home and crashed. The next morning Tori woke up and washed vomit out of her hair. As Tori said, “It was SO good to see my old friend Teri come out to play. I have a feeling we won’t be seeing her again for quite some time.”

We love parents getting out and having some kid free fun. It doesn’t mean you don’t love them, but adult needs and kid needs are very diverse! Best to hire a responsible sitter or bully a family friend into watching than try to introduce them to your party girl alter ego from college! “When we arrived home I hugged and kissed my babies like I hadn’t seen them in… well, in almost a day. It was good to be home and back to being mom. As I sat down on the couch to watch cartoons with them I thought to myself, “Maybe last night wasn’t as bad as I thought…” And then, I found my iPhone.” What do you think of Tori’s wild mommy night out? You can click here to check out her full blog post. How often do you escape the kids for a grown up night?


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