Bill and Giuliana Rancic Are Having Baby Number Two!

Bill and Giuliana Rancic Are Having Baby Number Two!

After the harrowing bout with breast cancer Giuliana Rancic faced, she certainly deserves all the happiness and family in the world. A double mastectomy and a doctor’s warnings about hormone levels aggravating her condition pushed the couple away from normal birth routes. Instead of taking a walk down Adoption Boulevard, they opted to spend thousands of dollars on fertility treatments and surrogacy. Their first baby, Duke, born seven weeks ago, is an adorable test tube baby, and the couple is excited to announce that more Petri dishes are on the way.

“We’ve got a few embryos on ice. They’re ready to go!” Giuliana told Life & Style. “A lot of people have one kid and it’s enough. But for us, we’re just having so much fun that we’d love to have another child.” Because, you know, that’s how babies are made! Mommy kisses daddy, they drive to the doctor, extract their special love for each other, mix it in a bowl, inject it into a lady who will probably be called “Auntie” in the future, and BAM. It’s the miracle of birth. Bill went even further, hinting, “the wheels are in motion, we already have plans in the works!”

The couple hopes to use their first surrogate, Delphine. Please don’t misconstrue my feelings. I wish the couple nothing but happiness. But why, in this country, is it so commonplace to seek these crazy fertility treatments when so many beautiful kids are in need of families? I don’t see any merit in the continuation of your own blood line, and I hope that people watching the stress that Giuliana and Bill faced through this will motivate hopeful parents to consider adoption. What do you think of the Rancic’s news?


  1. Analise says

    While I love adoption(I have cousins and friends who have been adopted and want to adopt when it comes time to have my own family), I don’t think anybody should be judging G+B on how they are choosing to expand their family. Infertility is a difficult enough struggle, but then to be faced with breast cancer, obviously of a hormone-triggered type? I can only imagine how hard it has been on them. If she’d never had fertility struggles or had doors closed due to breast cancer, there wouldn’t be mutters of “they should adopt.” My mom had breast cancer, I KNOW how hard that is on a woman. ]
    The author is right when she says they “deserve all the happiness…in the world.” But for pity sake, leave it at that–unless you’d welcome perfect strangers greeting YOUR baby news with “there are already too many children…shouldn’t you adopt?”

  2. Heather Spencer says

    How dare you basically insist that because a woman cannot have a child of her own, she must take someones else’s child. My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for almost 6 years. We actually attempted to adopt before we moved on to IVF treatments. Adoption is so difficult! Your article makes it sound so easy. She can’t have a baby herself, so she shouldn’t spend money creating a baby in a lab, she should spend thousands and thousands of dollars to adopt because thats the “right thing to do.” So if you happen to be able to pop out kid after kid you don’t have to adopt, but if you can’t naturally have your own childre, you better adopt?! You’re ridiculous!


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