Tom Cruise Abandons Suri Cruise For Scientology

In Touch Magazine Cover: Suri Abandoned By Daddy

Has Tom Cruise chosen Scientology over his six-year-old daughter Suri Cruise?

According to In Touch, Cruise  has not been pictured with Suri in over 44 days. The actor who has always made a point to show up for important events in Suri’s life in the past was noticeably absent for her first day of school.

“Suri Cruise  visibly nervous as she arrived at her first day of school – sticking close to mom Katie Holmes, who supported her as best she could. Noticeably absent was her father, Tom Cruise, who Suri hasn’t been photographed with in 44 days,” the magazine tells.

Instead of being there for his youngest daughter, Cruise was in London drinking with a group of pals.

“He was laughing and talking a lot to everyone,” says an onlooker, “like he didn’t have a care in the world.”

It is no secret that Scientology plays a role in every part of Cruise’s life and decision making.  Could Tom Cruise’s divorce agreement with Katie Holmes to keep his religion away from Suri Cruise be affecting his relationship with Suri?

Did Cruise choose Scientology over Suri? Tell us what you think!

Image Credit: In Touch


  1. aslan2012 says

    Scientology has a bizarre attitude to family and to children. Children are seen as adults in small bodies: hence scientology regularly gives adult jobs to children and many ’employed’ scientologists are TEENAGERS managing ADULTS. Scientology is really into ‘moving on’ and ‘that person is holding you back’…ie the focus of the church of Scientology ids totally on the ego.

    In that scenario there is no room for children.

  2. Dean Fox says

    I’d rather Tom Cruise abandon Suri for Scientology than Suri be indoctrinated in to the vile, corrupt and corrupting church of scientology.

    Of course it would be better for Tom to see sense and abandon the church of scientology for Suri but he won’t do that because, well it’s a corrupting influence on his life.

    The church of scientology is worse than you think.

  3. Marion Smith says

    I hope Tom would come to his senses and leave the cult, but doesn’t look like that is going to happen. I just pray he doesn’t corrupt Suri and so thankful she has Katie to protect her.

  4. WTH2012 says

    this is true garbage. Look at ALL the celebs on the cover. There seems to be an inherent need for people to break others down. I truly feel sorry for that little girl. She’s dealing with the break up of her family and the whole world is watching.


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