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Jenivieve Elly is first and foremost a proud mama! She is the momma to an amazing 20 month old boy, and has another son on the way! She has been writing about all things celeb since 2007 and now is shifting her focus on to parenting. She graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Elementary Education. Her love of children blended with writing and socializing came to life, and she feels incredibly lucky to have such a job! Aside from Celeb Baby Laundry, you can find her writing for various celeb sites, working social media magic or telling more of her mommy tales on her personal site, Attached2Parenting.com

  1. Joey Jo Jo says:

    I don’t think bikinis are only in the realm of ‘sexy’ now. When I was growing up no kids wore bikinis. But now it’s quite normal. It’s no longer a sexy item of clothing. It’s just what you wear to swim. Much like the mIni skirt used to be very provocotIve. Now it’s just a skirt.

    • Robyn Good says:

      I guess your right, but I would rather not put Ava in a bikini. A full bathing suit protects her sensitive skin much more and I am always Leery of pervs.

      • Jenivieve Elly says:

        I totally get that. Even with my boys I always have them wearing SPF long sleeve shirts. We live in FL and spend a lot of time in the sun so it is important to protect them


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