Jennifer Garner Loves The New Experience Of Raising A Son

“The Odd Life of Timothy Green” actress Jennifer Garner was out and about in Los Angeles, California on August 29, 2012.Jennifer Garner is enjoying raising a boy for the first time.

Garner whose two eldest children are girls, Violet and Seraphina with husband Ben Affleck is said to be enjoying raising her six-month-old son Samuel because it is a totally new experience.

“Samuel’s at an age where he is starting to do more,” a Garner pal told Us Weekly. “He has been so much fun for her and such a different experience from the girls.”

The pal adds that Samuel is “super chill and go-with-the-flow, but a total mama’s boy.”

The actress recently shared with iVillage why she’s so passionate about her work as an artist ambassador with the children’s nonprofit organization Save the Children.

“The mothers I have visited in rural America live in cinder-block homes, or trailers without windows or space to put a playpen or lay their children on the floor and play with them. These families live in government-sponsored housing without a book or a picture or a crayon in sight. These parents are so isolated — not always part of a loving community with friends to compare notes and vent to or watch and learn from, but all alone and far from family and often a little bit ashamed and embarrassed by their situations. When you have a little baby, or two or three, you need encouragement and support. These women are raising a baby in a vacuum. The families that Save the Children serves lack the physical tools of early education.”



  1. MAMA OF 2 says

    Why is it so different raising a boy if he’s only a baby??? I have a boy and a girl and when they were that little there weren’t really any feminine versus masculine differences aside from their body parts. But other than that, babies are just babies.

    I think perhaps her husband Ben is already enforcing masculine traits on their little baby boy like “he’s going to grow up to be a football star”, or something along those lines. Maybe Ben or other friends or family members are already gender stereotyping him without even knowing what he’s going to like when he grows up.

    For example, some boys are more artistic than athletic. And that’s why she feels it’s different to raise a baby boy over a baby girl. But that’s the parent’s doing – not the child’s.

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