The Reason Suri Cruise Is Carried Everywhere?

The Reason Suri Cruise Is Carried Everywhere?

I have noticed for a long time now that Suri Cruise is, more often than not, being carried either by Tom Cruise or Katie Holmes.  The supposedly temperamental 6 year old is often photographed in her parent’s arms dragging either her blanket or elephant.  Most kids by the age of six are adamant about not being babied, but not Suri. Alex Kantif of AKM Images/GSI Media spent a week trailing Katie and Suri and puts this spin on things:

“I stayed in New York for a week, and the only time that the Katie didn’t carry Suri around was when they had to walk five to 10 blocks,” Kantif tells me. “But some of the photographers are being a little over-aggressive and jumping right in front of her with their flahes. So Suri gets a little annoyed, and that’s when she likes Katie to pick her up.

“I don’t think Suri is spoiled,” Kantif insists. “It’s just been overwhelming for her recently, with all the photographers.  It was crazy, sometimes 30—and I think we got to a time where we had about 50 paparazzi, plus TV channels. And some of them got really close.”

Okay, I can see now maybe it’s a protective thing and that makes sense.  But what about before Katie filed for divorce, even then Suri was carried like a small child.  Do you think it’s odd that this kid rarely walks?  What are your thoughts on Suri’s lack of schedule?  We often see her photographed out late at night when most six years olds would be in bed.  It’s rumored that Suri will start first grade this fall in NYC.  I wonder how she’ll react to a normal schedule and having rules to obey!  Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Image credit: Marquez/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES


  1. says

    I had a friend and her child lived by her schedule. Up all night, no discipline, etc. When she went into preschool, they expected her to be there at a certain time, do her work, etc. She’d throw a fit! Finally my friend pulled her out of school and “homeschools” her in the middle of the night!

      • Mary says

        Too judgmental. Most parents aren’t very affectionate with kids. They’d rather buy them something. I admire parents who aren’t afraid to hold their kids.

        • Lisa Doyle says

          Unless we have personally had a conversation with that family, we have absolutely no idea about anything going on or why. It is very unfair to make statements about right or wrong in this or any other situation. I don’t carry my child everywhere but from the outside looking in, my daughter follows my sleeping schedule. Instead she has severe ADHD and often does not sleep at night. I can choose to scream all night or I can choose to get things done for both of us, being productive or maybe sometimes having fun with a movie. I am following her schedule. How is that hurting anyone at all.

      • Christine Embrey says

        I am Grandmother and I raised 3 kids. A girl & 2 boys. All three have families of their own. As I sat back read all these comments with my coffee you all gave me great
        laugh after my hectic Christmas morning! You don’t know anything ABOUT what’s going on with that child’s life!! She has had cameras in her face since she was born! DON’T YOU THINK ENOUGH IS ENOUGH?? Leave her parents alone, they KNOW what they are doing to protect their child and trying to give her a normal childhood
        the best they can.

        • fay says

          Absolutely, u’r right I agree with u 100%.Shut them up , if Tom or Katie wants to carry their child its their business.

          • says

            I don’t see anything wrong with them carrying Suri. When my child was that age and i had to get from A to B quickly, i would scoop him up and go! Think about it, those people can never just casually walk anywhere with the poperazee all around them. Nothing is wrong with them scooping her up so she won’t get trampled over. Keep doing what you’re doing Katie and Tom, in the end, you are just trying to keep your child safe, just like the rest of us.

    • judy says

      What a shame that people bring children into this world and it is expected that the child adapt. Sounds like the parent is still a child. In the case of Suri Cruise– maybe all these idiots should get out of her face and let her be a little girl out for walk with her mom — or dad! News is news but we aren’t talking anything that anyone is interested in so leave her alone!

      • LM says

        I agree with you, Judy! She should be able to walk around without all these crowds of men taking pictures of her.. it’s pretty sad. I feel bad for her.

    • danielle says

      they are protecting their daughter i would do the same paparazzi,are getting out of control n yes they r doing their jobs but they should back the hell up when it comes to children!! who cares if shes spoiled we r supposed to spoil our children.

    • Cherdarlin says

      Just use common sense here, Suri is a 6-year-old child surrounded by a mob of paparazzi who tower over her. Do you really think a child could walk through them? It’s really a no brainer. What would you do?

    • says

      Wow and I thought my children were difficult, I think getting her home schooled would be the best thinkg for her, they do need to put upa schedule routine, which they stick to ridgidly, other our little Suri is going to get lost out there.

    • says

      I don’t think Suri is a special needs child, just a child that is babied. Why is it these celebeels take their kids out all the time and expose them to the media. I’m sure they could hire someone to stay at home with them, or have someone else cart their kids to a resturant and bring them in the back door. If we didn’t know what they look like who would be the wiser.

  2. Frecklesme says

    I understand why they might want to carry her or protect her in the last month or so. However, it doesn’t explain the last 2-3 years when she should have walking. She is spoiled. Hopefully, living away from the Hollywood people will help her change into an actual productive adult. Oh come on people….it COULD happen.

  3. joe says

    I think that there are so many photographers following this child around, that it’s easier to pick her up. she is usually hiding her face. i’ve seen about 40 people around her taking pictures. it’s the magazines and photographers that force this child to have to be carried so she can hide rather than give her a moment of normallity. shame shame..

    • Gin says

      Who said they’re men? Anyway, Katie Holmes chose this lifestyle by marrying Tom Cruise and getting pregnant right away. If she didn’t want the publicity she should move to a town where she and her kid can get some privacy.. Personally I could care less about Katie and Tom, but the kid didn’t ask for this. Hopefully she won’t grow up wanting to be in front of the cameras, but I doubt it – the next Paris Hilton.

      • Pauline Bonanno says

        Stop judging people. What they do with this child is their business. Stop throwing stones. Why should they have to move because people follow them around. Leave them alone. So many of you are so perfect and everyone is a psychologist because they go on facebook and the internet and make a comment. If you have nothing nice to say keep it to yourself. Worry about your own perfect life, or just get a new one.

  4. Rb says

    Suri is too big to be carried anymore with her bare legs wrapped around her fathers waist. At least make her wear jeans or slacks. They carry the blanket to cover her butt from showing but it would be simpler and decent for her to wear long pants and cover those naked legs. She is no longer a baby. When will her parents realize this?

    • kh says

      you freak , who is thinking about her bare legs, she is a little girl…it is obvious she is carried because of the people this family every time they go outside. The reason we have seen pictures of this little girl every week of of her life is because there is always photogs.

      People are fascinated more with Suri Cruise than with her parents…they treat her like a circus animal…it is too much for a little girl…can you imagine since the day you were born never being going outside with out a swarm of photographers around you, taking your picture trying to talk to you…I would want my parents to carry me too and as a parent I would carry my child a lot also. Little kids don’t always move that fast and in the situation this family is in you have to get going fast to get out of the crowd.

      • frosty7530 says

        I respect Kate Holmes for having the courage to leave her powerful, controlling husband. Years ago, I was curious about the Scientology cult and did some reading on it; they do have some unorthodox views on child rearing; discipline for children is pretty minimal. Which is surprising since this sect is quite stifling with adult members.

        . Suri has gotten some negative publicity in re to her behavior. She has been observed being very demanding of attention in public places, with her parents making no attempt to quiet her, or calm her obnoxious behavior. I read about an incident in a Dept. Store Shoe dept., where Suri was allowed to meander around, messing up displays, and tossing shoes around willy-nilly. Many kids are hard to control as toddlers, but some are worse than others. Usually a parent will intervene and at least attempt to calm their child; or straighten out a mess their child makes in public. Not so with Suri’s parents, at least until now. Hopefully, being enrolled at a good school will help. I was almost sorry to see that Kate did not enroll her at Sacred Heart Acadamy, which was rumored to be Kate’s choice of school for Suri. It sounds like she needs a good dose of old fashioned discipline, the kind that the Catholic Sisters are renowned for.
        I am really concerned about is all the exposure this child gets. There are other A list celebs with kids; Gwyneth Paltrow has a beautiful daughter, J Lo has beautiful twins, the children of Brittney Spears do get lensed, but not as much as Suri. I grew up in 50’s & 60’s when Liz Taylor was biggest Star of all. NOBODY ever saw her kids, and her fans were all curious about what her only daughter, Liza Todd looked like. Liz Taylor is from ancient times, but be assured she attracted huge publicity & paparazzi wherever she went., as a young mother. One can’t help think that Tom Cruise at some level, is encouraging this response. Katie will probably work harder on this, now that she is more independent as a parent. She seems to be trying to normalize her child’s lifestyle. The road ahead for this newly single Mom will not be easy; and I just pray her courage stays with her, that her little girl can start be treated as a mere mortal, ie.e learn to be a decent human being, instead of the very indulged child she was. In terms of the little girl being carried around, it’s probably part of the cycle of public attn that Tom Cruise craves. He does nothing to discourage Suri’s exposure to the Paps, and thus, has a good excuse for protecting her, by carrying her. I hope that Kate is able to wean her child out of this habit, if for no other reason than that she is getting too heavy for Kate! It’s been alleged that when Brangelina tried to send one of their boys to school, it, sadly did not work out, due to discipline problems. It would be wonderful if Suri does not have to be home schooled, because I think those kids miss out on a lot.

      • rlw says

        I agree with kh, and furthermore if the paparazzi & the so-called “legitimate” press would stop hounding the child during every public outing maybe she’d have no desire to be carried by parents. As far as your comment on Suri’s “lack of schedule” she a child so the parents set the schedule….hmmm maybe she sleeps when she can because you fools are always chasing her for a photo op. I don’t care about what the uber rich are doing. I’m trying to keep my sick husband as well as possible while waiting for a new heart for him. I don’t care about celebrity child-rearing!

    • Miss Lee says

      You are a realllllllll creep – a creep the likes of which I’ve never even seen before. With her “bare legs wrapped around her father’s waist”… What the F is WRONG WITH YOU??? You’re a complete lunatic and a truly sick person. I hope that you don’t present a danger to children – I’m just getting a really nasty vibe from your comment. I’ve truly never heard something like that and it disturbs me in a very profound way.

      Even if your comment didn’t contain the sick, demented, and perverse undertones that I think it contains… Let’s move onto the next huge problem with what you said… What is wrong with a 6 year old little girl wearing dresses MADE FOR LITTLE GIRLS?! Why on earth should she have to wear jeans or slacks like you say she should?! I’m just so confused and disturbed by your statement. I get the feeling that you should be on a ‘watch list’ of some sort… God help you, you’re not normal – and you’re obviously not alright.

      • hallie says

        Miss Lee…I felt the same as you regarding his disturbing comment. I also am wondering why she would even be wearing pants in the summer months. What she has on is not only perfectly age appropriate, but also it’s normal summer attire for any age person. I hope this poster doesn’t have kids or access to anyone else’s kids for that matter.

    • Jo says

      RB – This comment say a lot more about you than them. You are sick, and probably have some childhood sexuality issues yourself. “Naked legs wrapped around her Daddy’s waist.” My spidey sense is telling me that there was some weird stuff going on in your home.

      • Gin says

        I didn’t take his comment as vulgar at all. It maybe summer but there are pedophiles out there and being celebrity status her pictures will be in every tabloid magazine, so give he/she a break. I don’t think she/he made the comment to insinuate anything. At least I took it that way. If it’s summer, then why need a blanket?

  5. Nicola says

    A reputed $3million dollar wardrobe – not only on a false rumor but certainly not reflected in the parent/child’s continually inappropriate choice of footwear. Flip flops, even in the rain. Come on,Katie – we know you are doing your best and have finally been rid of that Scientology nightmare – but do discipline this little darling and tell her she needs to put on a proper pair of shoes.

  6. anon says

    Even before the divorce filings this kid was one of the most followed and photographed celeb kids. Not much has really changed now.

  7. Alena says

    I had noticed this oddity and considered that Suri was being babied unmercifully. I couldn’t imagine their carrying her at 6yrs of age. Even though it must be very intimidating to Suri, what other celebrity children live like that? They are making her codependent instead of helping to build confidence in her. They need to coach her or take her to a therapist who can help them train her to deal wth this aspect of her life. She can’t hide forever. It’s unimaginable behavior for a 6yr old to be carried. The parents have lacked the wisdom to manage that area of their childs life. Shielding her from discomfort is not reality.

  8. Gia says

    I think she is their child and if they want to carry her every where that is their business. She is their baby and time goes so fast that before you know it they won’t be able to carry her any more.

  9. says

    Suri Cruise is six years old now she is way to big to be carried everywhere! She is not a baby anymore!!! Most six year olds walk instead of being carried like a BABY!!! Tom and Katie wake up and smell the roses!!! Tom and Katie shouldn’t being holding Suri all the time because Suri will never be able to walk on her own when she’s older. So they better start making Suri walk like other six year olds. Michelle Williams’s six year old daughter Matilda Ledger walks, Gwen Stefani’s six year old son Kingston walks. Suri is no different. Apart of the problem is Suri’s parents spoil her way too much.

    • terrible parents says

      Oh please Gwen and Gavin Stefani Rossdale are terrible parents as well. Kingston and zuma and always being carried around. Heck Kingston had a pacifier until he was 5 years old at least. Tired of everyone trying to act like Gwen is such a great mom. We will just see how great a mom she is in a few years.

  10. says

    Suri is scared of all those cameras flashing in her face. I don’t blame the six year old. I would have been scared if photographers were following me around all day taking pictures 24/7

    Suri can walk and put a mask over her face then they wouldn’t know who she is.

    I do have to agree she is a little old to be carried like an infant.

  11. PinkE says

    The (non)issue will sort itself out when Suri starts school. The playground is a jungle, and those babyish ways won’t survive. She’ll want to act like a big girl.

  12. Laura Wojtowicz says

    I would have to say is ditch the stuffed animals and blanket and stop carrying her around. I am surprised that Tom is carrying her around when HIS religion dictates to treat your children like adults. Very insecure child and Katie is doing what is right..and Tom should do what is the best interest of his child and NOT the best interest of TOM. Its about Suri NOT TOM. This child is not going to know who she is…..only knows what she is around her father and her mother. Its a shame that Tom can’t be an adult and do what is correct.

  13. oleschool says

    just give the child a parasol and let her use it as a shield. shouldn’t have to do it but at least it would help a little. papz would soon get tired of taking photos of a parasol

  14. C. says

    I would say Suri might have problems obeying the school rules; since she’s use to having what she wants.

    I think Suri is getting spoiled, by getting clothing that cost millions etc. I wish I was that spoiled, but then again, I’m happy I not.

    When Suri gets older; I think her parents need to speak to her and tell her that “there is nothing to be afraid of, if mommy and daddy can get use to the paparazzi, then so can you, and this is the life of a Celebrity and their kids, nothing but photos being taken”

  15. Love says

    Stalkerazzi are one of the major reasons why she had to be carried around, besides her being babied undeniably. As a result of her not being able to walk and run outside, she was enrolled in a toddler gym. So there, psychomotor development challenge solved in the artificial environment of a kiddie GYM.

  16. TB says

    I don’t think it’s a big deal. I don’t have to protect my children from photograghers and like to carry them and sometimes it’s more practical when I’m in a hurry. My teenager (that I carried when she wanted to be) is independant and social and happy. It is shameful that in this time in our country when children are largly ignored (not by choice) by thier parents, people have the nerve to have a negative opinion about hands-on parenting. I would imagine that Suri does a lot of walking on her own the other 18hrs a day when she is not being photograghed. Your children are only little for a while, why not pick them up while you can. Just for a minute, close your eyes and imagine what it would feel like to be picked up off the ground and comforted or carried. Do I want to provide that for my children? Yes.

      • Sandra says

        I couldn’t have said it better!! It isn’t about “protecting” her…if it WAS, they would never even HAVE her in those public places to be “harassed”. Beyonce never has her baby out like that. Neither does Halle Berry… There are a ton of famous celebs, whose children don’t have to be carried around. Suri is a BRAT, and her parents have made her that way…period!! What she needs is a swat on the butt once in a while, and for someone to let her know that there are RULES, and that there will be consequences when those rules are broken. The only people who think that she ISN’T a brat, are people whose children are just LIKE Suri…

        • Angela says

          There is a very very thin line between protecting and spoiling a child. If parents cannot see this it’s going to be spoiled brat children raising dysfunctional parents. Contrary to what is said IT IS OKAY to spank your child. How else are they going to learn, time outs?

        • marz says

          A little swat Sandra. Code for “whoop” your child. Do oyu know how many fatherless men were “whooped”. Hows that working out?

  17. Tess says

    I’m sure like most celebs TomKat call the paps as soon as they leave the house. I doubt the Paps hung around outside 24/7 since Suri was born. TomKat haven’t minded Suri being photographed and apparently still don’t. Toms other kids didn’t get this much attention from the paps, it was more low key. So it’s being purposefully done. To think otherwise is naive. If they really wanted Suri to have a normal childhood they could move to the country or somewhere a long way away from the Paps.
    But of course, that won’t happen because TomKat thrive on the reflected attention from their golden child.

    • Gin says

      Who said they’re men? Anyway, Katie Holmes chose this lifestyle by marrying Tom Cruise and getting pregnant right away. If she didn’t want the publicity she should move to a town where she and her kid can get some privacy.. Personally I could care less about Katie and Tom, but the kid didn’t ask for this. Hopefully she won’t grow up wanting to be in front of the cameras, but I doubt it – the next Paris Hilton.

    • Jean says

      One of the things I have always thought is that when either Katie or Tom !eave their residence they call the photographers first so they’ll be there to take pictures as neither of them garner much interest anymore they use Suri to get pictures of the “harassed” parents, i e: Tom or Katie protecting their child. Would sincerely doubt if the photographers would hang around 24/7 to take a picture of a child of parents who are not that popular anymore. Suri makes good publicity for both Tom and Katie.

  18. Betty says

    I think she likes to be carried even if there are no cameras around. I also read that she still drinks from a baby bottle also. At six years old, I think there are bigger problems here.

  19. Sarah says

    Special needs child. I have been in the field a long time. I know it when I see it. ASD, Also uses the same doctor as Jenny mcCarthy’s child and he has ASD as well.

    • Sarah says

      I agree, Suri appears to be a special needs child. Even her face and demeanor suggest such.
      That is why she is carried everywhere and has a blanket and stuffed animal with her. Perhaps some type of autism is to blame. This would explain her fear of the cameras and having to have items for security.
      She is not very independent–if at all. Thank goodness that Katie had the courage to keep her out of Scientology.

  20. Ashley says

    Stop acting like the paps, being inordinately interested in their lives. Suri is clearly loved. So what if her parents want to carry her everywhere? Is it any of our business? She’s only going to be young once, please let her be. Someone mentioned earlier her bare legs around her father’s waist, there is nothing abnormal about this so stop acting like a freak & thinking these thoughts. As for her clothing., I’m glad she wears simple dresses and slippers rather than the skimpy outfits and ridiculous shoes kids as young as two are wearing. Glad to see a normal little girl like Suri,, who is under so much unwanted attention & pressure from the media & the general public clinging to her parents for support. There’s nothing spoilt or wrong about this, she’s only six years old!!

    • tssasa54 says

      They are the ones who put the spoiled brat into this situation. All these celebrities crying and complaining about the camera’s makes me sick to my stomach. If you don’t want your child “harassed”, hire another fricken nanny to watch them. Parent’s of the year for some of these people I don’t think so. It did not bother these people to leave their child when they had to go out of the country to make a film. These so called stars make me sick. Overpaid and for what. Back to Suri, she needs to act like she is 6 and not 2. Grow up and stop acting like your “Dad”

  21. Bemtruch says

    Suri and her parents need to be left alone.
    They need ti be free of photographers.
    They are rich people tha can’t enjoy life. They deserve to be respected.
    Many people like them, but more people envid them.
    if her parents want to carry Suri everywhere, is not our problem.
    They love her so much and want to protect her..

  22. Sheila M. Woods says

    If I were the cruises, i”d probably be doing the same thing. It would be much harder to snatch a child from daddys arms then one who is walking beside or behind a parent. What ever it takes to keep her safe is the way to go. Besides her having to put up with all of those infantile camera people “MORONS’ who have no respect for life and whose job it is to destroy especially this small child of God’s . Bless you Tom and Katy. You’v been trusted with this special little girl. You keep her safe and the rest of us will abide by your good wishes and thank God she has the two of you who seem to have more sense than the airheads who haunt your every move. And just who made all of you friendly folks the right to pass judgment and make snide hurtful remarks just to get the score even between you and the parents. You all need to hang your heads in shame and go clean up your parenting skills, lest your own children become a mimi me or you.

  23. guest says

    i’ve always found this very strange. my daughter is a week and a half older than suri, and i cannot even recall the last time i lifted her for more than a moment or to play. frankly she’s too big. my arms hurt just looking at these pictures.

  24. Erin says

    It is not surprising to me that the child of two actors woufd be highly sensitive. A good actor would need to be highly aware and being highly sensitive would be a great benifit when acting. Sensitive children (including my own) require additional emotional support frequently from those who love them until they find a way to manage all the stimulation around them. Her being held serves two purposes: 1. It limits the amount of stimulation she has to deal with 2. Reassures Suri’s that she is safe and loved. About her seemingly lack of friends: at this age children are still learning what a friend is ( SHE IS SIX!). It also seems to me that Suri’s temperament is similar to that of a bright opinionated child. It is common for very bright children to have many sensitivities
    Although, she will likely pause in her emotional development for the next three years because of the divorce (as happens to all children following the loss of time with a significant loving adult- particularly a parent).. After three years she will have been given the time necessary to recover and will use her struggles to her advantage.

  25. Jeff says

    WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!, My goodness, who cares what Tom n Katie do with their child, this website is pathetic for even asking. People are so obsessed with Celeb’s life it’s quite funny how much time they waste of their lives just to ‘Write’ about someone elses. seriously. They live to tell another’s, PATHETIC!!!!

  26. Alexandra says

    who cares! thank God no one was spying on my every movement with my children. leave the alone and get on with your own lives. You guys are vultures who will stop at nothing including causing loss of life ( princess Diana) for a story

  27. Terri says

    Agree that the child should have more of a schedule/routine. This benefits the child immesurably in that he/she knows what to expect next, and what is expected of them! Lessons such as this will serve her well later on in life. I’ve interviewed one too many who were raised like her (minus the unlimited designer wardrobe account, of course!)…but even at that, too many kids today are focused on labels, designers, etc. How about teaching them to focus on those kids who don’t even HAVE shoes? So far as carrying her is concerned…if I were being followed by the photogs everwhere with my young child, I’d scoop her up too. So far as her “wanting” to be carried…that will end once her classmates tease it out of her, sad to say. I’m sure Katie’s family values will prevail now that she’s away from “Mr Svengali”. I wish both mother & daughter a happy, calm & fulfilling life.

  28. Jenna says

    So many jealous nasty comments from those who want to take the Cruise family down a notch, for being more blessed than they. It’s sad to see. Good for Tom and Katie for protecting their daughter. Nothing wrong with hands on parenting. It goes so fast and all too soon Suri will be a teenage fashionista, far from Mommy and Daddy’s protective embrace. Let her be a child as long as she can. John Mellencamp said it perfectly:
    “Hold on to sixteen as long as you can…Changes come around real soon .. Make us women and men…”
    In your case, Suri, hold onto six as long as you can…

  29. chitown1 says

    What does it matter? I think people are just looking to criticize. Please this is a 6 year old in the spot light constantly.

  30. Jamm says

    Are you people serious, feeling sorry for this kid!? Come ON she has it great and would laugh at your pitying her for being in the spotlight, wanting for nothing. I wonder how long this little diva will last in school having to obey rules and not being the center of the universe for a few hrs a day. Ridiculous..

  31. Guest says

    I can’t believe some of the comments I’m actually reading. I’m not rich or famous, thank God, I’m a mom of 3, my children are grown now, but I think Suri Cruise will be just fine….Katie comes from a good family and I believe she will pass that on to her much loved child. I wouldn’t just be worried and protective of the photographers, which must be scary for a 6 yr old, I would also be afraid of some lunatic grabbing my child!!! I agree with some good points made here, yes, they could move, but do u really think nobody will find them? Yes, alot of famous ppl have children, but let’s remember 1 thing, Katie is probably still adjusting to life away from being so controlled and making her own choices and not having to answer to her husband, as far as school, I’m more then sure she has prepared Suri for that just like the rest of us. And PLENTY of kids, rich or not, throw tantrums and every parent handles that situation differently. I hear so many ppl say, “If that was my child, I’d bust her butt!” OK, thanks to the public, no matter how we try to stop the tantrum in public, and cover our own embarrassment, someone will always pass judgement on us. Plus, ya almost have to be afraid to discipline your own child cause ya might just end up with police or children’s services banging on your door cuz some idiot blew the incident out of proportion, which is sad for the children that are abused! Let’s face it, society is a mess, and we all need to worry about OUR families and leave everyone else’s alone….it’s bad enough we pretty much have to take away some of the innocence of childhood by having to teach our young children about “good” and “bad” touches, it makes carrying a 6 yr old to make her feel safe like no big deal at all. Which is exactly what it really is, in the blink of an eye she will NOT want to be carried, and I think that day is not very far away. Like someone stated about kids teasing it out of her… grandson had the worst tantrums I ever seen a child have, he is in school now, and a model student he’s also very smart, he is also 6 yrs old.

    • Guest says

      model student is the teacher’s word, not ours…wanted to clarify that. For some reason it’s missing from my comment?

  32. Em says

    . Does this article make anyone else feel rubbish? A very young child is intimidated daily by packs of photographers so that we can feed our desire for trash gossip. I feel ashamed.

  33. Kiboko says

    I wouldn’t carry a 6 year old unless I had to as they are heavy. On the odd occasion that I have, it’s been as a piggy back. I’ve never had to deal with paparazzi, so I had a look at celebrities with children (I’m not particularly interested in celebrity, I’m interested in child development). The Beckhams, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner and Mark Wahlberg and Rhea Durham have children of similar ages or younger. Their children all walk. Suri Cruise is also out at ridiculous hours, often wearing inappropriate clothing and footwear for the weather conditions. I don’t know why she is babied to this degree, but they’re not doing her or themselves any favours.

  34. lwood says

    Put that kid DOWN. She has been spoiled for the last 3 year’s. She can walk and should not be catered to. The parents are not doing her any favors by giving in to her. She should be told NO MORE. They will be carrying her when she’s 20 years old because they can’t say no. It’s shameful & wrong to raise such a child. The parents should know its wrong to carry to carry her.

    • Miss Lee says

      Amen!!! Couldn’t have said it better. They are DESTROYING this child by setting absolutely no boundaries and by having exactly ZERO expectations when it comes to her behavior. She does not have to show any respect to her parents (or to any other person for that matter). Someone in an earlier post asked why this little girl has no friends… And I would imagine that it has a great deal to do with her attitude and her behavior. Children are just like most adults in the sense that they don’t like to be around little jerks either. Take a well behaved, developmentally normal, emotionally stable, well rounded child around one like Suri Cruise and I can promise you that they’ll be miserable around the kid. Most average 6 year olds are already highly developed, and know VERY WELL what behavior is acceptable in each of many environments (ex., home, school, the store, church, a friend’s home, etc.).

      I’ve seen several others post things like, “she’s only 6!”… At 6 years old, this child’s personality is actually pretty complete. She is already who she will stay for the rest of her life – unless there are some SERIOUS changes made by her mother (I would say “by her parents”, but it seems pretty obvious these days that she is being raised by one person only). She is spoiled, entitled, and an insufferable BRAT – all because her parents MADE her this way. I shudder when I think of what she must be like to deal with now (for the small army of people responsible for raising her = all the nannies, bodyguards, tutors, and the rest of the poor, poor, poor staff… I feel so bad for them!) and cannot even begin to comprehend how terrible she will be in the future!

  35. mm says

    People just shut the hell up! She ain’t your kid so don’t worry about whether she’s spoiled or not! Get a life and stop criticizing others! None of you judgemental idiots are perfect so get over yourselves!!

    • Miss Lee says

      Dear mm,

      Why on earth are you so angry and trashy?! This is simply a gossip site – and this particular site asks for (and encourages) visitors to share their opinions. So far, yours is the only post I can find that uses foul language and aggression to express their point/opinion. To me, this just shows an extreme lack of emotional control and stability… Why read things like this if they make you SO upset? Your comment really makes you sound like an uneducated lunatic = you should REALLY work on that sweetheart!!!

      “People just shut the hell up! She ain’t your kid so don’t worry about whether she’s spoiled or not! Get a life and stop criticizing others! None of you judgemental idiots are perfect so get over yourselves!!” -quote from mm… These words are absolutely dripping with CLASS, INTELLIGENCE, and STABILITY!!!


    • Old School says

      You seriously need professional help. Who are you? Who’s the judgemental idiot? I’d bet YOU don’t know a soul on here. Having said that, why don’t you take your own advice and “get over YOURSELF”? You obviously were a spoiled brat and not taught any manners and personally, I know I’m not perfect, but I know for a fact that I have more going for me than you do. I hope Suri grows up and shows more class than you do right now.

  36. Arlene says

    Suri’s parents are not smart enough to live in this world and neither is their offspring. Their world is going to the dogs!

  37. Anissa roberts says

    I am just astounded that so many people would even give a rat’s A$$ about this at all. Who cares? So what – she’s carried. Would you even think twice if this weren’t about a celebrity’s kid? Grow up, get a grip and move on!! I read the story because I was curious but I could care less that she’s carried because she’s spoiled or because they want to shield her or she’s wearing flip-flops or she has a blanket or any of the bizarre and assinine things you people are even bring in into this.

  38. FK says

    Yeah the celebrities tend to tote their children way past the norm. When the kids legs are so long that you trip over them when you walk, maybe it is time to cut the cord. But then again….it does make a nice photo op doesn’t it. Wink, Wink.

  39. guest says

    the parents are going to have a broken back later on from carrying at. the carrying should have stopped when she was four. im starting to wonder that when she play with the other kids her age she probably wont be able to catch up.

  40. kim says

    I just read all this, And now I can see why this child is always carried.. some of you ppl are even scaring me.Leave this child alone !!!!

  41. Kestrel says

    She is an obnoxious brat being held to a baby state by parents who love the attention and want to bleed it for all it’s worth. Tom had kids, remember? No? Yeah, that’s because the paps weren’t called every time they left the house.
    SURI STILL HAS A BOTTLE! I don’t see why people say it is because they are afraid or she is afraid when all the photographers are there. Yes, that’s the time to be protective but we don’t carry each other when we are scared. See Hugh Hackman’s girl – she sticks her tongue out at them and laughs. THAT is healthy not this “they’re afraid” or “she is just bright and sensitive”. My child is gifted in mathematics and is waayyyyy beyond the adults (especially me!) intellectually. And we don’t carry him. He doesn’t have a bottle (never did, he was nursed. Connection with high IQ? Hmm) We love him but don’t worship him. That’s New American thinking and it is terrible to everyone involved.
    Kids aren’t miracles. They came from the same place from the same event. Even if you were 40 and just had one, it doesn’t make them awe inspiring miracles. Even suri.

    • Jerri Springer says

      I agree with your comment whole-heartedly. I did actually have one question though, (and I am NOT being sarcastic in any way) is it true that your son NEVER had a bottle at any point in his infancy? I do not have a child yet, just two nephews and lots of friends w/ babies & toddlers… I have been around plenty of babies who have been nursed, but most of the mothers still used bottles. How were you able to work around this (especially if/when you had to be away from your son for any length of time – even for a few hours)? I was just super-curious after reading your comment. Thanks in advance if you see this reply and should happen to actually answer it. I really hope that you don’t take any offense, I had a legitimate question, and was absolutely not trying to be rude or sarcastic. Again, I completely agree with your comment and think that everything you said was totally on point. *I do, however, view childbirth as a miracle. Especially for people who may have had an especially difficult time conceiving, etc…* Again, thank you in advance if you should decide to respond to this.

      • Hope says

        Jerri Springer,
        Yes is it possible to only breast feed an infant. That does mean for the first 4 months of life the mom is with the child most of the time. I did it with 3 children and really did not think anything about it until I read your comment. At about 4 months they started taking cereal and water/diluted apple juice out of a sippy cup. None ever took a bottle. With the first 2 I really tried to get them to take a bottle but they refused. We tried every kind of bottle on the market. Other people tried to get him to take the bottle, my husband, mother, and day care providers, my first born would simply just cry and wait my return and then nurse. With the 2nd he would not take a bottle either. So I delayed my return to work until after he began solid food. And with the 3rd I did not even bother to offer a bottle. Hope this helps.

      • robin says

        I can answer that(if i’m not butting in_) my 1st daughter I nursed for two months but she just wasn’t “latching” right so we switched to bottle and she liked the pacifier science birth (she is 16 now) and then I had my second child (who’s 8 now)she nursed 7 months and went straight to a cup she would not take a bottle or pacifier…every child is different hope this was helpful:-)

      • D. Weatherly says

        Yes, it is possible (and even preferable with some) to wean children without using a bottle. None of my seven children ever used or even wanted a bottle. Only one would ever take a pacifier and then only for a short time. Every child is so different. It wasn’t a parenting theory or even a designed way of weaning, they just didn’t take it. And there are plenty of times I wish they would have. Having said that, and in hindsight, it was much easier to wean them without have to use the bottle as a “middle” step. As another commented above, the change to solid foods and different liquids were introduced in variation, supplemented with breast feeding. It may not be the “best” way, but it was my/our way and we have 7 good happily adjusted children from ages 22 to 9. I believe what works for you and your child works. Having said that, I do have difficulty with a SIX year old being carried around and using a bottle. Kids may not be the miracle, just wait until they are teens! but childbirth definitely is.

  42. edward whalley says

    If Katie really loved her child, she’d a) stop being an actress, b) move somewhere else, and c) stop using her as a prop to further her career.

  43. Deb says

    has anyone ever thought that maybe Suri does walk but when the paparazzi show up that Suri is picked up to keep her safe & out of harms way. Does anyone remember that when Tom was married to Nicole that it was being told that both couldn’t conceive and we didn’t see Suri for the 1st 9 months or so of her life, if she really is adopted or only Kate’s bab w/sperm donor that this is another fear of Kate’s that the biological father/mother may show up. Just a thought.

    • Jerri Springer says

      You are a complete nut-bag. If Kate DID use a sperm donor to get pregnant (which could be true if Tom Cruise is in fact incapable of reproducing) I personally believe that it is his child (I think she resembles him). However, I think it’s possible that they may have used artificial insemination as I suspect he is a permanently-in-the-closet gay and uninterested in participating in the natural act necessary to conceive a child… LOL.

      BUT – even if they DID use a sperm donor – either he was chosen at random from a sperm bank, or he was carefully selected, vetted, checked out, and PAID HANDSOMELY for his “donation”. He is NOT going to show up in broad daylight to snatch Suri Cruise from the busy streets of New York City while she and her mother are SURROUNDED by armed bodyguards (not to mention 25 to 50 paparazzi with camera equipment)… So I really doubt there is any need for “protection” from a crazy sperm donor running the streets planning to kidnap her.

      I also don’t see the need to HOLD HER ALL THE TIME to “protect her” or to “keep her out of harm’s way”… She has @ LEAST 2 round the clock, armed bodyguards to protect both she and her mother… And the paparazzi aren’t necessarily posing a physical threat to her. I know that people will scream, “BUT WHAT ABOUT PRINCESS DI?!?!?!?” Princess Di was in a car with a man speeding like a lunatic… Suri Cruise is walking down the street w/ her mother & bodyguards. I doubt seriously that a photographer is going to walk up and slap her while she’s wandering around being the little brat that she is.

  44. jen says

    this Suri Cruise is a product of werid parents tom and katie she is carried because they handle her like a 6yr old baby the child is spoiled and needs to grow up

  45. kate & jeff says

    we have a 6yr old havent carried her since she was 2yrs old ….problem is not the kid its the parents look at crazy tom cruise and confused katie holmes

  46. Trish says

    People stop demonizing a child. She cannot be in control of her parents, she has no say in how they do things. It is spiteful and nasty of grown people to call her a brat and other negative things. Stop banging on about how she is handled. She is not being abused, or deprived, she is not being badly treated at all. Some of you sound so resentful, many children get ignored most of the time, let the sun shine and enjoy watching a child being looked after. They look like they are enjoying her as much as they can before they get busy again filming or what ever. She is better off out and about with her parents than being stuck in doors like a lot of children. How many times do you see a dad spend that sort of time with is child or children? Lighten up, she has two parents who love her, she will be fine.

  47. shirley says

    the only hope that I have is that Katie came from a good home, Of course that did not stop her from hooking up with Tom Cruise.

  48. Crystal says

    Seriously? So what if she’s carried, so what if her parents are hands on? So many kids fall through the cracks and are shoved off on nannies rather than loved and cared for by their parents. Good for them not caring what is considered socially acceptable and taking care of their child.

  49. Rebecca says

    Holding your child and caring for them is one thing, but carrying them everywhere at her age is either because you want to keep them a baby, or they have developmental issues. One or the other.

  50. Texmom says

    If, every time you walked out your back door to go to work in the morning, there were 30 photographers with bright flashing in your eyes so you can’t walk straight, and they are all three feet taller than you are and they are shouting… If every time you drive anywhere, there are men riding up next to the car flashing you and motorcycles weaving in and out and making the driver hit the brakes chaotically, and then screaming at you when you get out of the car, shouting, harassing you so you never get to go the park, the zoo, out for ice cream, to a kids’ movie, trying on an Easter dress, without big, rude strangers shouting at you and flashing equipment in your face —–
    Give the kid a break.

  51. says

    I’ll just bet you this little girl will not go to public school. I can’t say I blame the parents. They are RICH and rich people’s children are treated differently. That doesn’t make them bad it just means the want and can afford the better things in life. And carrying Seri isn’t bad either. She is scared to death of these photographers jumping out at her and her parents are afraid someone would kidnap the child. After all she is Tom Cruse’s only biological child.

  52. says

    Because Paparazzi and kidnappers are a constant danger to her it probably makes her parents feel less afraid. Makes sense to me.

  53. Becky Carr says

    Special Needs Child. I’m SO surprised that only 2 people here recognize these issues. She is likely on the Autistic Spectrum. I notice becanse I am raising a child 6 years old also on the spectrum. He is very smart, but has sensory issues and doesn’t do well with chaos, crowds, noise, too many people….all of which are around the Cruise’s all the time. To help calm himself in these situations (which happen a lot in real people’s lives too), he carries his pillow and puppy everywhere in the car and to outings/ play events, etc. Sometimes, he will leave them in the car if he’s comfortable about where he is going, but other times, he is adamant that he needs them. In addition, when he is anxious or stressed due to an environment that is over-stimulating, he likes to rock back and forth while holding his pillow. None of this is terrible or worthy of criticism. These kids do have meltdowns…there are MANY books on this topic. They often need smaller classes in school and more individualized attention, but they can be very smart and very successful with the right intervention early in life and the biggest need of all…UNDERSTANDING from everyone. If Suri is in the shoe department and is getting upset, she might very well throw shoes and appear to be spoiled and undisciplined. This happens with these children. They are becoming upset in an environment that is too busy, noisy, stimulating, chaotic, for them at that moment and they are acting out, trying to tell the parents that they are upset and need to leave. They sometimes don’t talk much or at all. In our case, our child is very talkative…but it’s not interactively commucative. He talks about what interests him to other people….such as repeating Disney movie dialogue or telling people about Thomas the Tank Engine. But he might not answer questions from people in the expected way and he might run around in circles, flap his hands, rock back and forth, sing, or act out in other ways because it’s his way of saying he is upset with what is going on at that moment.

    It very much sounds like Suri might be on the Autistic Spectrum and if so, they might be carrying her to help her anxiety or even to keep her from running away or acting out in inappropriate or risky situations. Autism has many and varied forms and occurs much more often than thought years ago so it’s reasonable to assume that some children of celebrities will also be on the Spectrum just like all other children. Autism knows no social, economic, or racial boundaries. It can affect anyone.

    I’m sure that celebrities don’t want the public to know about their children’s struggles. We all want to protect our children. But, like anything we try to hide…it eventually becomes known and often this knowledge can help others who are trying to cope with such situations. Celebrities can shine a light on a difficult childhood situation and can bring worldwide attention to it that can help raise money for research, treatment, and even prevention.

    I urge all celebrities who are related to or have themselves a child (or other family member) with ASD to please come out and speak about it and lets work on helping these children with their issues and bring understanding and knowledge to others who aren’t aware and who only think they are watching a “spoiled child” acting out in a store. Help others with their ignorance who think that all the child needs is “some discipline”. Be assured that “discipline” will not solve this problem. This is a real medical condition that must be understood and recognized without judgmental attitudes. These children are often gifted in ways not always identified; they have special talents not always recognized, and they are a gift from God and the most wonderful blessing that parents could ever experience. Open your hearts to understanding on this very important issuse.

    • Cher says

      Well said! I completely agree with you and also have children on the spectrum. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is nothing to be ashamed of. It is possible that Suri has not been diagnosed. Girls can have such mild symptoms that physicians do not realize their diagnosis, especially with Asperger’s (high functioning autism). The higher heels were probably to compensate for (or hide?) the toe walking. I hope they seek help for her obvious sensory processing disorder issues. if nothing else. Occupational therapy can do so much to help the child.

  54. MissTiss says

    Maybe she is just spoiled, maybe having cameras in her face since birth bothers her, or maybe there’s something going on that’s none of our business. My son has Tourettes, OCD & Sensory Integration spSyndrome. He was carried until I couldn’t anymore, he was up all night lying in bed with me beside him. If he had even a quarter of the people in his face that Suri does, he would freak out, making ignorant people think he’s just a spoiled brat. Not saying she isn’t, but just because they’re famous does not give us the right to judge them when we have NO clue who they really are.

  55. Cher says

    I suspect Suri has autism spectrum disorder with the sensory issues she obviously experiences with wearing appropriate shoes, the being carried to (possibly) keep her from darting off, the public meltdowns and the baby blanket/toys. As a mom with children on the spectrum, I have a feeling this may be the case with Suri.

  56. Nessi Nester says

    All I want to say to everyone here…How ridiculous all the comments are when people listen to the outrageous media and believe everything they read or hear. No one knows what their reasons for doing things are, or why they keep certain hours, or even if they do keep her up all night. Its called Noneyo!! None yo business. Get a life of your own to mind and get off the rag news. Its all B.S. Crying out loud. So ridiculous.

  57. mike says

    my 6 year old loves to be carried, I don’t mind, especially if she’s tired or feeling under the weather, 6 is still very young, and it comforts her and she feels cared for, its the least I can do, we love each other.

  58. astrid says

    Wow people, so judgmental, none of you know anything about how Tom and Katie raise Suri. All you see are photos which mean nothing
    Oh and RB you are one sick dude. you should be on a pedophile watch list! What a nasty, dirty mind you have

  59. CHER BLANCO says


    • Joette says

      First of all, Tom Cruise would NEVER take his child to a psychologist. As a Scientologist, he does not believe in counseling at all! Tom is inflexible and seems to be the primary spoiler. She is their child but they better be careful before they ruin Suri

  60. charlie says

    its great to see parents who are close enough to there child to hold them and secure enough in themselves not to worry about what other clowns think . shows to me a possible special bond but hey im not a part of there lives we can pretend we are or our thoughts and belief’s are fact but we don’t really know all that’s going on . discipline perhaps the people who came up with that idea need to follow there own belief’s and be disciplined themselves for poking there nose into something they clearly don’t know.

  61. Lori S. says

    WOW I have never seen so many get so nasty over a celebrity or their kid!
    This is ridiculous. The kid is a tiny, little, baby still and the GD paparazzi obviously terrorize her. OF COURSE she would want to be in her mother or her father’s arms IF at all possible.
    More importantly, after reading through all the comments….What’s wrong with you people? There are more comments and passion and angry comments flying on here than on any political story or story that has world impact. All I can say is WOW no wonder the paparazzi can get away with harassing people. With some of the crazy comments on here, I can see why they do……they are fan driven and there is no doubt about it that I would do the very same thing with my children if I was a celeb. Being a celebrity doesn’t mean that you lose your basic human rights and young babies do not understand any of it they just want to feel safe in their mother or father’s arms. Can’t say that I blame them at all.

  62. iaminnocent says

    If her parents continue to baby and carry her around, she will become a real problem when she gets older. I’ve seen pictures of her with her fingers in her mouth.

  63. coonie says

    Who cares!!!! Tom and Katie are looking after their child the way they see fit. Who r any of us to judge? Bet Suri will grow up to be a pleasant young woman.

  64. Old School says

    wow. Normally I don’t read celeb stuff very often but I was bored and needed to take a break and was reading something else when this headline caught my eye. I never thought much about the “why” really but thoughts started running through my head when I saw the title and thought maybe she had some kind of medical condition. Personally I think Tom Cruise is an idiot and Katie is still child-like herself but is learning [good for her!]. I searched photos of Suri and there are tons of them where she IS walking. Most of these photos are taken with a telephoto lens. I didn’t really see all that many of her being carried. There could be many reasons why she is carried in some photos but who cares. That part doesn’t concern me. What DOES concern me [in an abstract way because, hey, she is NOT my kid and I don’t have to deal with her nor does she or her parents influence my life in any way], is all the things I’ve seen about her pitching fits and acting like a spoiled brat. All you people defending her behavior are just plain nuts! You are the same people that bitch about other kids that behave the same way that Suri does. What? Is Suri excused from behaving properly because of who she is or who her parents are? That’s just BS. Pitch a fit in my house and you’re going to get your fanny spanked [OMG! call the authorities right now she is actually threatening to SPANK a child!!]. That’s right. Children are no longer given any guidance on how to act. Being a child is no excuse for public displays of brattiness. Once when I was very young [about 3], I misbehaved in a restaurant. Just being loud, peevish and an annoying P.I.T.A. My father [bless him!] warned me to settle down and act right. Hey, I was 3. I did it again. Well, he picked me up, took me outside, paddled my butt, returned me to the restaurant seat and I behaved like a perfect little lady from then on in any public place. My younger sister did the same years later and the same remedy worked quite effectively. Neither of us ever disturbed other diners anywhere or disturbed anyone else in public again. Problem simply solved. [BTW, I do not remember the incident at all]. If I misbehaved, Daddy took care of the problem. I got plenty of “whoopings”. I deserved them all and probably should have gotten a few more for things he never found out about. NEVER once did I then, or now, consider this child abuse. Yeah. It might have stung for a bit but mostly it was my feeling that were hurt. I’m just happy he had enough love and fortitude [because it really is harder on the parent than the child to administer discipline and I didn’t realize this until I was grown with children of my own], to care enough about me to make sure I grew up properly and be welcome wherever we went. My sister and I were ALWAYS invited wherever my parents went [unlike some of my cousins that weren’t raised quite the same way and interrupt adults, run around like heathens in small apartments and were just be totally annoying – and they were OLDER and should have known better]. Raising children IS difficult. Think of the song, “Daddy’s Hands”. That is true parental love. Anyone who thinks it’s easy is not doing it properly. I see a whole bunch of kids that I would NEVER, under ANY circumstances, invite into my home. ANOTHER THING. For all you who think RB’s comment is disturbing… YOU ALL are the sick ones. I don’t know RB, I don’t know if RB is male or female, but I will tell you this: Read the comment again. RB does state that they [TC&KH] do cover her butt with a blanket but it could be exposed AND RB is “old school” as well. Little girls did not wrap their bare legs around their fathers at 5 or 6 years of age. Once a little girl goes to school, she is no longer considered a “toddler” and that type of behavior was not done. Period. My husband wouldn’t even do that with my daughter [and we were still young] but there are certain behaviors that we grew up with that were not accepted but now it seems like ANYTHING is okay. Anyone thinking RB is some kind of perv or is disturbed is themselves disturbed to even think in that direction. Some of you really need to get your thought process realigned.

  65. kimberley says

    Reading this I take it you are all American ? complete nut jobs , all of you and for the so called Celebes yuk all fake with to much money and NO class

  66. Jessica says

    she is too old to be carried! give me a BREAK! even north west is walking on her own! This will be her reality for a while, so her parents need to sit her down and get her prepared for the rest of her life

  67. MsMarcyD says

    So many of these comments are blowing. my. mind.


    Because here’s a new’s flash, FOLKS:

    Suri Cruise?

    Unless you’re Tom or Katie?? In fact, ain’t your kid.

    So if she (I mean, YOU?) has issues due to her “spoiled’ness” … her bedtime … her being carried everywhere … and the RIDICULOUS comments above about the clothing she’s wearing? It matters NOTHING to you — or your life.

    Living a life of fame, these celebs often understand and CHOOSE to be so … for the money, the notoriety, whatever … but their kids? Don’t *HAVE* that choice. None of these celebrity spawns have consciously made the decision(s) that their parents have to live under the microscope 24/7 — and for that reason? It’s awfully unfair what they endure.

    Though they may live a life of “luxury” — not knowing what life is like NOT having a pool to swim in on a 100-degree hot summer’s day … or not knowing the taste of ramen noodles because their parents can’t afford much more certain weeks …. ? They also don’t know the ‘simple pleasures’ WE all take for granted, i.e. swinging on swings at the local park without strangers snapping cell phone pics … eating a McDonald’s Happy Meal without the self-righteous American society judging their parents for letting them do so (nuggets, fries, soda, and all!) … or going out IN PUBLIC as a NORMAL PERSON without seeing some of the RIDICULOUS comments on websites such as this.

    NO parent is “perfect,” and no child is either. How dare ANYONE criticize anyone else because their kid has a binky “for too long” or is carried by his/her parents longer than what some (most) of you deem acceptable?

    I mean … for gosh sakes, you don’t know that some of these parents — celebs or not (STILL parents!) — wouldn’t agree with you and appreciate constructive, supportive, and positive advice??? Just because they are “in movies” or on TV doesn’t make them any less insecure than a lot of us parents out there, ya know?

    Support and love each other, guys. Regardless of our professions, bank-rolls, backgrounds, status, or reputation … when push comes to shove? We’re all in this boat-of-life-together. Quit being so damn critical. Worry about your OWN lives, eh? Not a 6-year old’s fear of the pap, her need to be carried, her parents coddling, her clothes, or an
    anything else! You’re wasting your time if you do … since parents — famous or not — will indeed raise their children how THEY see fit.

    Just as they should.

  68. lisa says

    spoilt brat comes to mind in all the photos i have seen of this child she never walks is always carried when my children could walk independately i stopped carrying them and they stopped using a pram at 2/3 years of age

  69. guest jean says

    I just wonder who call the paper every time she sticks her nose out the door. AND why she is so much more important than other celebs kids that she gets hounded so much. Sorry, but it sounds like an “inside” job to Mr.

  70. S allen says

    If anyone that has posted on this issue what would do if people that you did not know commented on your parenting? I’m sure we all as parents were told by relatives what we were doing a bad job one way or another parenting our kids and I’m sure you were not happy about it. My ex-father in law used to tell me to put my daughter down or she will never learn to walk. I did not listen to his advice. She was only young once and I have no regrets holding her for the first year of her life no baby seat for her. I loved holding her. And she can walk just like every other one year old did. Don’t give parenting advice. No parent wants to hear your advice. I love that they love their daughter and don’t leave her with a nanny all day.

  71. Suz says

    Specious thesis. I looked up pics of Suri for 2015. There are DOZENS of pics of the kid walking. All different outfits so it’s not all pics of the same day. Let’s all step back and take a look at reality. Yes, she’s probably spoiled. She probably doesn’t follow a schedule. She’s going to have issues when she does have to conform. She’s a special snowflake. But by god, the kid isn’t toted everywhere!

  72. Nauseause says

    HAVE YOU EVER seenn Suri playing with other kids?? Cause I haven´t. Why?? she is old enough to have own friends, she never play or make a contact to other children on the playground……

  73. Marl says

    My grandson has a form of autism – and was still carried at the same ages as Suri.

    I’ve never seen Suri with animated smiles or facial movements – another sign of autism.


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