First Outing Since New Baby

For the first time since I gave birth to my chubby little blessing of a newborn, I decided to see what it was like on the outside. I had done nothing but throw on pajamas and usually no shirt, then either sit on the couch nursing 24/7 or lay on my side — whatever it takes to keep him from fussing. He is a hungry little guy!

The park was my choice this time around. The idea was to let our crazy toddler go bananas for a while after being cooped up with me in the house, trying to keep our baby warm, fed, and happy.

Of course, I didn’t really get to visit the park for long because I was spending most of my time in the family mini-van nursing the new born. I’m telling you, he is hungry!

The only thing that mattered was that our toddler had a blast. He was running around like a mad-man, hooting and hollering like he should be.

Finally I got to go out and get sticky in the near 90 percent Florida humidity while hubby held the baby.

Any day I can make sure he knows that he is still at the center of my heart is a good day–sweaty or not. And it was so nice to just get out after recovering and adjusting to our new addition.

What was your first post pregnancy visit?


  1. Genevieve Rutherford says

    I have dogs that need walking ( 3. Collies ) and a husband who works long hours, so our first outing was a walk around the park at 5 days old, we have been going every day bar one since!
    It is really hard to drag myself out for a walk but so necessary.
    Wee guy is 5 weeks now and e have gone out to breakfast, lunch everywhere! I just keep him close to me and don’t let anyone get too close.

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