Beyonce: City Chic With Her Adorable Tot


Beyonce Knowles took a stroll with her baby daughter Blue Ivy Carter strapped to her chest on March 12, 2012 through New York City, New York with her mother Tina Knowles.Beyonce was spotted taking a stroll with her baby daughter Blue Ivy Carter in New York City on Monday.  Beyonce who was joined by her mother Tina Knowles wore a black dress jacket and slacks while carrying her two-month-old tot in a baby Bjorn.

Beyonce’s father Matthew Knowles recently spoke about his granddaughter at an event in London.

‘She has already got fifty per cent growth in three weeks. She is going to be a really tall kid.’

‘You just want to love and kiss her but the great thing with grandkids is that you can give them back.’

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