Celeb Baby Laundry

  1. Drama says:

    I think he’s not happy at all. But he’s to far in his mess to just go back with jennifer. Besides, if they ever did, Do you think Angie will make things easy for them? Don’t think so!!

  2. Desiree says:

    I think Angie ruined everything. They were so happy and they been together for years but brad and Angie had to ruin it. Jenifer is a sweet amazing lady I love her she is my hero so strong she been threw so much o well Jen it’s karma for them lovely lady

  3. Killian says:

    It’s not Angie’s fault. It’s more of Bradd’s. It will be absurd if Jen will do exactly the same thing with Angie.

  4. mary jacobs says:

    Brad and Angie have too many kids to walk out on. Jennifer is a high wired angry girl whom
    nobody seems to be able to take for long. Even if Brad and Angie broke up, I highly doubt he
    would want to be back with Jennifer.

  5. Anna says:

    Typical housewives always lashing out at the new girlfriend without actually knowing what happened. For all you know Jennifer broke up with Brad first because he was a douche. You can’t just decide for people who they are from miles away and then run with it.

  6. Mardy T. says:

    I think Brad should stay where he is!!! He loves his kids. I like Jen, but she needs to find her own happiness without Brad.

  7. MAMS says:

    Oh please time to move on ! they all have!!

    People need to grow up , he divorced jen , Angie didn’t ‘ steal ‘ Brad. He is a grown man and can make his own decisions(the right one for him)

    People just need to get over the hate! It takes two to tango….

  8. Awwwww says:

    October 10, 2013

    If Brad wanted to be with Jen he would of done so long time ago. What does this tell you. Time to move on people get divorced all the time.

  9. indian1 says:

    I feel Brad Pitt should of never of let Jennifer go. She seems to be down to earth. And is beautiful because she is. Angelina has no shape to her self. Too skinny. Jennifer does not have to go have her self look like plastic as Angelina does. Brad had america’s sweet heart. Brad and Jennifer looked so GOOD TOGETHER. Brad made a BIG MISTAKE. I do believe Angelina took Brad from Jennifer. Angelina had it all planned out. And Brad fell for it. Jennifer looks tons better than Angelina. Jennifer has a real body. I hope Jennifer and Justin find happiness all of their own.

    • Magda says:

      People, you have to learn what love is. The shape of body or any outside appearance does not matter at all. Love is about feelings and emotions, not body or beauty please! besides when they met do you want to tell us that Brad did not see her well. Try to control your words and do not be so insensitive. what if you were Angelina, how would you feel?

  10. Jessica says:

    Angie is a homewrecking whore!!
    I love how she is getting older and is old washed up dirty trash that is getting replaced by much better actresses like J.Law!!
    I lost all respect for her when she broke up their marriage. The ONLY reason she keeps having kids is so brad will stay with her..
    No offense but how can people praise her for helping with hunger and so forth when she don’t give a shix about the US.. There are kids dying everyday right here..
    And one more comment…….Your oldest with Brad is a GIRL!!! She looks horrible all dressed up like a boy all the time just because you say that is what she wants.. REALLY???
    Like I said.. Homewrecking whore’s will never be GOOD MOTHERS!!!


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