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  1. stacy says:

    I would like to say something to Chris Jenner .I am speaking Mother to Mother and grandmother to grandmother.also wife to wife. Chris what are you doing.Do you really realize what you are doing to your family? you think all these guys want you .,but honey as everyone in the club you were at recently a you walked by the guys were laughing and saying look at that dumb b she thinks she is a Cougar but isn’t anything but a who–.I am not wanting o hurt you but you should know exactly how your close friends really think about you when your not around. I do not like it when people i THINK Support me .talking trash and telling p my private business.Everyone is glad walk out on you everyone is upset he did not force Kendall and kallie to go with him. everyone is making bets on just how long it will be before you crash and wake up with nothing they say it is coming down pretty fast. you could of had the world but you just couldn’t handle it. you treated Bruce like shit,you totally and competently disrespected him all the time.you try ed to make yourself more then what you really are you have now started pulling your own daughters into your games the only one who is smart enough to see behind the lines is kortney. but she learned how to treat her husband from you that’s really the only fault i see in kortney she is real dosent l lie about her children dosent play games about their births it is really sad Chris you are taking Kim down with you big mistake posting the picture of Kim as a baby and had kayna lie on tv with yo dont yo remember in a couple of your first shows you showed that exact same pic and i e copies. also kims baby is dressed only in white.


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