Marc Anthony Calls Jennifer Lopez A Bad Mom, Threatens To Take Kids!

Marc Anthony Calls Jennifer Lopez A Bad Mom, Threatesn To Take Kids!

US Weekly claims to have all the details on how the Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony divorce has turned really nasty.  In the beginning it appeared the divorce would be amicable but after Marc saw Jennifer with her recent toyboy Casper Smart, 24,  all bets are off.  Apparently Casper is already getting along well with Jennifer & Marc’s twins three year old Max and Emme.

Us Weekly has more: “When the Latin crooner spotted photos of Lopez and Smart bonding with his son and daughter during a Thanksgiving vacation in Kauai, Hawaii, he “hit the roof,” one source says. “It caused a huge blowup.”  Anthony’s next move: Although he and Lopez, 42, already hammered out custody arrangements for the twins — ceding primary custody to the singer and American Idol judge — a close source tells Us he’s “going back on his word and saying his wants joint custody.”

Add to all this Marc found out that Casper has been arrested for drag racing and speeding so he does not want Casper driving around with his children.  Marc just does not think Jennifer has good judgement.  Marc is so upset about Jennifer dating Casper the magazine claims he is saying she is not a good Mom.

What do you think is Marc Anthony just jealous and that is why he is saying Jennifer is a bad Mom???  Sound out in the comments below!

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  1. mykidsarenapping says

    I’m always confused when I see nothing but tabloid pics of her dressed like a slutty 15 year old by a Vegas pool- when is it she is ACTUALLY mothering? She claims she is SO busy with her tours, clothing lines, music, movies, etc and now a new young bf and every pic is her sans children by a pool or partying on a balcony. When does she see her kids? Kids typically eat up all the spare time of the working mothers I know, and she’s sharing custody too. I dunno, I know it’s celebs so you can’t believe anything anyway, and really who cares I guess, but I’m kind of sick of tabloids glamorizing her as a beautiful style icon. She’s partying in a bikini by a pool with a man who looks like an excon. Where are her kids? She had like 1 planned photoshoot with them on a beach. Let’s start calling her what she is… and that aint a mom.


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