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  1. [...] Kourtney Kardashian’s Boyfriend Scott Disick Did Not Want Another Baby! Celeb Baby Laundry [...]

    • Kristina says:

      Since when did Kourtney ever care what Scott wants? I will bet anything that she didn’t tell him she was not using birth control. Kourtney is as controlling as her mother Chris and sister Kim. They want everything their way and to heck with anyone else’s feelings. Chloe is the only one of the Kardashian clan who seems to have a good relationship. I think that’s because she and Lamar work things out together. I really hope they can have a baby soon because I believe they will be good parents.

      • Shieroc says:

        There is nothing poor about Kourtney. She’ll be just fine. I hope Khloe has a baby with Lamar also they seem very real. And I too think they will be great parents.

      • Christyna says:

        you shouldnt even post a comment about your opinions of the Kardashian family seeing as you can’t even spell their names; yet their Famously known for all being K’s. Stop being judgemental, everybodies life has a different story, and the media is the last place to believe anything.

  2. [...] Kourtney Kardashian’s Boyfriend Scott Disick Did Not Want Another Baby! Celeb baby Laundry [...]

  3. Ashley says:

    That is one ugly kid but what do you expect when one vapid airhead mates with one of the biggest douchebags that i have ever seen. Then they did it again? That poor kid is going to grow into one screwed up adult.

    • angie says:

      He is one of the ugliest kids i ever seen!

      • Sandy Postner says:

        OMG angie…i always thought he was a strange looking kid too but never figured anyone else did…haha…….he is an ugly little thing huh?

        • Kit says:

          Wow you guys… really?

          • Bella says:

            Um…seriously. Sandy, Angie, Ashley, you should be ashamed of yourselves….you’re acting like little teenage girls. That is an innocent child that you are trying to belittle (one who is actually VERY adorable). Sorry your lives are so miserable you have to insult and tear a part a little kid!!!!!

      • sharon walsh says:

        not cute but he does look like his dad…scary..

    • Jacqueline diaz says:

      Wow whataaa bitch (Ashley) and everyone else who’s saying he’s ugly… he’s a kutie baatootie.. Yur just haten on dat lil boy… All yue grow the fuck up… And remember Karmas a bitch hehe :) )

    • kait says:

      God forbid he’d turn out ugly inside like anyone of you. Opinions are typical. Calling a child ugly is not something you should actually say out loud. Please do say that to the parent of the next “ugly” kid you see, you’ll learn your lesson.

  4. Heather says:

    I think that we are all missing a point here and the fact is that Kourtney is now pregnant! Babies are meant to be blessings and they do not ask to be born! At least both of her children will be born from one father and that says a lot about her and anyone can see that she genuinely loves Scott. Even though she is from a very affluent background, she does take responsibility of being a good mother but Scott on the other hand still wants his bread buttered both sides and does appear very irresponsible and only seems to love the limelight and himself!

    • Raine says:

      Yes, but does Scott really love HER?? Seems like Scott is always on some kind of bender…he’s an alcoholic with severe anger issue. They fight constantly &Kourtney does NOT trust Scott in the least. Having one out of wedlock child with this loser is bad enough, but adding another child to this unstable relationship is plain crazy. It’s the children who will suffer the most from this relationship.
      The fact that Kim’s “marriage” didn’t work out, or that Khloe can’t conceive has nothing to do with this mess this family creates for itself.
      Kris Kardashian Jenner is driving this machine full tilt & anyone, be it her children, husband, whoever get is her way will be crushed under the wheels.
      It’s all about the money they can all make over their so called misfortunes…they are playing a part like actors on a stage. They will do anyting for attention, like Kim’s over the top wedding. The money spent on this sham could have fed a small nation, what a waste. Neither Kim OR Kris Humphries are mature enough to have been married. NIce to see that when Khloe married LaMar, & Kim married Kris Humphries we did not SEE any of those black extned family relatives”…..we only were shown the “white folks”…if they are going to marry into the black culture why do they not introduce to the viewing public their husband’s family?

      • 0_oMelissa says:

        Wow, I love to read all the hater mail. TROLLS!!! It is immature to call a child “ugly”. Mason is adorable, you wish your kids were half as cute!! Kris Jenner and the Kardashians are genius for creating this brand out of their name. It is obviously catching your attention. If not, you wouldn’t waste your time commenting just to talk about an innocent child. If you really don’t like them the best thing for you to do is GET A LIFE, and don’t worry about what goes on in theirs!! I do not believe anything in this article..

  5. heather bee says:

    I really don’t think it’s fair to Khloe to say she’s turned away from Kourtney “out of pure jealousy.” If she and Lamar really are having problems conceiving, then as happy as she might be for Kourtney, it has to be hard to for her to see that.

    Kim I can see being jealous; if this is true, I’m willing to bet Khloe is more heartbroken than anything else right now.

    • sandra says:

      Not to mention that Chloe now lives in Texas. Just because we don’t see Chloe supporting Kourtney doesn’t mean she is not supporting her behind then sences. For crying out loud pull your heads out of your asses and wake up!!! Quit picking on that innocent little boy too!! He’s beautiful!! By the way Heather, I like the way you think!

  6. Thoughts says:

    I do not believe this article at all..I can not see this close family unhappy for Kourtney.

  7. amanda says:

    to say ANY kid is ugly is just NOT cool…..the kid didn’t ask to be in the spotlight, he shouldn’t be criticized ESPECIALLY about his looks when he’s just BARELY two.

  8. Sherie says:

    I do not believe one word of this story. Kourtney’s sister would not turn there backs on her. Scott always said he wanted another child.
    Where do you all get this crap?

    • sharon walsh says:

      Seriously, what does Scott Really do for a living? Have kids with Kourtny? I’m sure it pays well but it seems a tad lazy..Hate Kris H. BUT he did make money for his BB playing…

  9. Ynnis Glytyr says:

    Yeah, that boy is ugly. To call him anything else would be a lie. And no, it ain’t the little boys fault. This is just a fact of the matter. I don’t believe we still get to hear/read what the Khardashians do/want. They are totally in another world and I wish they would just ALL disappear. I cannot stand any of those stuck-up, high maintenance idiots we constantly have to read about, whether we want it or not. Give us something with character, integrity, and insight. All that limelight crap is really annoying.

    • Donato says:

      Mason is not the prettiest kid :) , but maybe he took after the armenian side, and those kids can be really ugly because of those noses and all.

  10. souphead says:

    OMG! How can you people call anyone’s baby ugly?? Mason is adorable (though I’ll admit that is a pretty bad picture). If you want to hate on the Kardashians, go ahead and show your own ugliness. But to hate on a little baby really just shows how UGLY you are on the inside. SMH

  11. hepcat says:

    the real telling moment about this family was when KrisK shouted out “Hey Mason!” during the wedding ceremony which is supposed to be about the bride and groom. Instead it became about this kid with a bad haircut and an ill-fitting suit. I mean really, Mason Disick who seems to favour his mother’s side, is the most spoiled one of the whole Kardashian clam!
    Maybe he will grow into his looks.
    i still think it’s funny that Scott Disick is so much prettier than KourtKard. I bet dollars to donuts he’s only around because it’s part of the contract.
    When this series goes off the air, Scott is going to blow off this pop stand!

  12. ShetheDJ says:

    Sorry but Mason is an absolute cutie pie-to call him ugly is just shallow and plain mean spirited, and most of you folks are a bunch of mindless trolls who will believe anything these bs manufacturers want to say about people who do not really contribute much to their society or planet.
    Good luck with yourselves!

  13. danger says:

    jealous..first of all i bet more than half of the people calling this kid ugly are hideous fat shrek lookin types with nothing better to do. they might be what they are but um they still have a show people still pay to see them and they prob still will make more money than you will ever =)
    if you should hate on anything its the fact that noone will ever pay for your picture.


  14. Venae says:

    Then he should have gotten a vasectomy!

  15. sharon walsh says:

    not cute ,really, but he does look like the bonehead,Scott…

  16. softkitty says:

    lets just hope and prey the next baby will also be a boy….WOW, could you imigine a little girl that is what YOU call ugly being around in the family….LOL

  17. TJD says:

    I agree with the posters who are saying Mason is ugly. I know he can’t help it but he is ugly. The shoes are ugly too.

  18. GG says:

    How could anyone say that their baby isnt cute. Mason is literally the cutest baby im the entire world

    • Joe says:

      Really, “literally” the cutest baby in the entire world? Have you seen every baby in the entire world? He has his cute moments but I’ve seen cuter. Shame his mother is giving him a sibling by trapping a man she doesn’t love and to try to keep her paycheck by doing nothing important on a pathetic reality show.

  19. klm says:

    I always thought her baby looked good, dont hate, appreciate. All of u really dont have anything better to do than slam a small child that dont even know or care about how u feel about him, and by the way do u have his money, no, so just shut up u haters.

  20. Lace says:

    Well “IF” the story is correct in Scott perhaps not wanting another baby….all i can say is that there are ways to prevent that…try birth control!!

  21. smiles says:

    4 staters mase is so cute 4 those (sisters) who r nt hapi 4 kourt shd grow up cz its nt ha fault dat their lives aint wakg out

  22. alyssa says:

    ew you guys are terrible i think he’s very cute! He looks like Rob.. i’d love tp see what u guys look like!


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