You know you’re a mom when..

You know you’re a mom when:

-          Your purse is a diaper bag and your diaper bag is a purse

-          You can speak 2 year old… fluently

-          You don’t get vacation or a day off.. even if it’s your day off

-          You quote cartoons, often!

-          Your daily conversations include poop, puke and details!

-          You live for things like coffee, pee breaks and nap time

-          Your best friends are other moms from mom related websites!

-          Your camera never leaves your side and your cell phone has thousands of pictures on it!

-          You plan your daily routine around, breakfast, lunch and NAPS!

-          You are a taxi driver, maid, cook, teacher, bank, a doctor, a coach… the list is endless!

-          You really.. really.. take a long time to use the bathroom, alone!

-          You’ve driven around the block just to get your kiddos to sleep.

-          You’ve eaten lunch in the driveway just so the kiddos would stay asleep!

-          You and your significant other don’t get to.. um.. have alone time.. as often as you did before kids! Hehe!

-          Your house is rarely ever clean

-          Your car is always filled with crushed up cheerios, toys and diapers!

-          And above all..  you love being a mom more than anything else in the world and wouldn’t be able to picture your life any way different!


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