Victoria And Harper Do Some Shopping In NYC!

Victoria And Harper Do Some Shopping In NYC!

Victoria Beckham and her ridiculously cute lil’ baby nugget Harper were spotted doing some hardcore shopping yesterday in New York. The mother daughter duo went shopping in the Midtown area and then proceeded toward the SoHo district for lunch. Currently, Victoria is there to debut her Spring/Summer 2012 fashion collection.

As she strutted her stuff down the NYC sidewalks, Victoria wore a sporty pink and black dress. It looks like Harper shopped till she dropped–she’s out cold, snoozin’ away!

It seems like this mother and daughter are getting to spend a lot of quality time together, which is good. In a house full of all guys, I bet the two of them need all the girl time they can get! To check out the ridiculous, crazy high heels Victoria was spotted wearing — while carrying Harper — CLICK HERE.


  1. Evie says

    You’d think that anorexic cow would keep her butt home with her kid. I have three kids and trust me, I was not hauling my 8 week old everyday to another store on sky high heels. She should take some advice from Pink and enjoy her child on the beach. UGH I cannot stand her.

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