Trumpette Butterfly Socks: If Celeb Moms Have ’em, So Should You!

Trumpette Butterfly Socks: If Celeb Moms Have 'em, So Should You!On this weeks installment of If Celeb Moms Have ’em, So Should You! we bring you a cute lil’ style of socks: Trumpette Butterfly Socks. The socks come in six different colors, each sock complete with a cute butterfly-print pattern — perfect to make any new celeb-baby-girl ready for a day out on the town.

The socks were recently seen on the tiny feet of David Schwimmer’s daughter Cleo. She rocked a pair of pink ones, and let’s just say — even though she was crashed out in her momma’s arms — that she new she was the thing to look at on the street :)

A bundle of six socks costs $26.50. Made from good quality material, they’re sure to keep your baby’s toesies toasty warm in a chilly breeze — perfect for a walk on the beach while you hold them in your arms.

Come back next Tuesday to check out another hot Celeb-baby style!


  1. Daniella says

    These are so cute! Omg! Never mind the kids – I want some! 😀
    Seriously though, I think I’ll buy these for my twins. Thanks for the tip!


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