Alessandra, Jamie And Anja Go To The Fair

Alessandra, Jamie And Anja Go To The Fair

Alessandra Ambrosio headed to the fair yesterday with her bubbly daughter, Anja, and her pink-gorilla-carrying husband, Jamie Mazure. How awesome! They won some stuff. I wonder if they actually played the games, or if they just pulled out the I’m-a-celeb card to score some prizes for their daughter. *snickers* No . . . I’m being ridiculous. Celebs would never stoop that low.

For those of you who don’t know, Alessandra is a Brazilian supermodel and has a really awesome name. The fair they attended was located in the Malibu area, and it looked as if the three had a spectacular time.

It’s good to see people smiling, right? As always, the family looked super classy in their casual styles. What do you all think about this family, would you like us to report more on them?

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