Gabriel Aubry Picks Up Nahla From Pre-School

Gabriel Aubry Picks Up Nahla From Pre-School

Well, Gabriel Aubry received the duty of picking up his cute lil’ daughter, Nahla, up from pre-school once again. Now, we see him doing this a lot. However, what we don’t see all the time is a super-duper happy Nahla snuggling against him. Looks like she was in a slightly better mood when her daddy swung by to pick her up on this particular occasion.

Aw, it’s good to see both of them smiling (or, at least not pouting/frowning intensely). Clearly, Nahla isn’t beaming from ear-to-ear, but she’s not carrying the face of a pissed off child either. Happy mediums, people. Happy mediums. Sometimes, you just have to be thankful for contentment. We’ve all been there, and as Gabriel and Halle continue to traverse the arduous terrain of Splitsville, U.S.A., I imagine they’re welcoming the good days when they present themselves.

Stay smiling, you two! You two look so much better without those nasty scowls painted across your faces.


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