Teen Mom’s Farrah Thinks She Has Earned The Title Of Role Model

Teen Mom's Farrah Thinks She Has Earned The Title Of Role Model

Teen Mom‘s Farrah Abraham believes she has earned the title “Role Model.” Farrah was first spotted on 16 and pregnant before she moved over to the Spin Off show Teen Mom.  Farrah argues that she is not a whore like people think because the father of her baby Sophia died before she was born.

Farah has received plenty of criticism on the show and about her breast augmentation and her parenting skills.   Regardless of this all Farrah claims she is till a role model.

TV Guide has more about changes viewers will see in her this season on Teen Mom: [I’m] focusing really hard on my education and becoming more serious as an adult.  I’m growing into more of my parent responsibilities, which I’m very proud of.  Right now I’m on break. I start school in about a week and a half for my Bachelors in culinary management so I can own my own restaurant or business.

To read more of the interview visit TV Guide

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