No Justice For Caylee Anthony, Casey Anthony Found NOT GUILTY

No Justice For Caylee Anthony, Casey Anthony Found NOT GUILTY

What has to be one of the biggest miscarriages of justice Casey Anthony was just found NOT GUILTY of murdering her 2 year old daughter Caylee Anthony. With the evidence mounting against Casey people speculated it was a sure thing she would be found guilty.  However, a five-man and seven-woman jury just found Casey not guilty of murder!  They only found her  guilty of four counts of providing false information to a law enforcement officer.

What the hell were the jurors listening to?  Casey showed no reaction when the jury’s verdict was read but shortly after cried and hugged her attorney.  If she had been found guilty she could have faced the death penalty. She will be sentenced this Thursday.  She faces up to four years in prison for lying to police.  We can only hope she gets the full sentence for that.  However, since she has been locked up for three years this would be deducted from any sentence she gets.

Sad, no justice for poor Caylee……What do you think about this verdict?  Are you as shocked as me?


  1. says

    Reminds me of the O.J. trial. There was no justice for Nicole Brown Simpson nor for Ron Goldman in that trial, and O.J. went golfing and enjoyed life for years until he was convicted and sentenced for a different crime. Casey Anthony has just proven that no matter how often one lies, steals, and even MURDERS, you can find a brain-dead jury to issue a verdict in your favor. Caylee has been successfully obliterated from her mother’s life, and soon Casey will be out there cashing in on her notoriety with a book deal, appearances on talk shows, and maybe even her own reality show. Rest in peace, Caylee. We will remember you.

  2. Alicia says

    I have officially lost all faith in our judicial system. Casey Anthony clearly murdered her little girl and got away with it. The evidence was overwhelming. What more did the jurors need to convict?…. a video of the actual killing??? Very sad day. No justice for Caylee.

    • Dot says

      I wholeheartedly agree – I am broken hearted…The evidence was there – this is THE BIGGEST miscarriage of justice I have ever seen in my life. The United States is obviously going to Hell in a handbasket – I’m moving to Europe. It’s the over-liberalism in this damn country. Crazy.

    • Dot says

      So true Don – People just don’t seem to have good sense anymore! The jurors must be SUCH IDIOTS! If SHE (Casey) didn’t murder Caylee, then who did? Facts: *Caylee’s dead. *Casey is a proven liar *Casey lied to authorities/police. *Casey had the smell of death in her car. *Caylee was buried in the place Casey used to bury her childhood pets. *Caylee had a heart sticker just like ones Casey had. *Chloroform searched etc by Casey in her house *Chloroform found as evidence in trunk & @ site of remains. *Casey led authorities on wild goose chase and made up fake nanny. / Come on! Why nit pick – it’s like if everything isn’t perfect and doesn’t exactly fall into place to the minute detail (even though it’s plain as the nose on your face to anyone with a thinking brain and a 6th grade education!), then you can’t find her guilty. Nuts.
      It is the celebrity factor – yes she is known to all of us for 3 years now – and it is these IDIOTS who are selected to serve on the jury – it FALLS IN THIER LAPS ALONE! There’s no way the lazy asses actually deliberated for real over those 10 hours – they were all just pissed that they had to miss their nasty old barbecue. Pathetic. No one seems to care about kids anymore – we all were once kids, remember? Cut through all the red legal tape – motive etc…that is a technicality – who cares! The evidence is the evidence- people nit pick too much – look at the cold hard facts. If someone besides Casey killed Caylee, she would have reported her daughter missing the moment she was gone – but she lied. It’s like all because of legal technicalities that this little angel Caylee Marie Anthony must now go without any justice. Everyone please turn on your porch lights tonight like the above person said! God bless

  3. Jimmy Pedro says

    It is a complete miscarriage of justice. How does the jury look beyond the fact that Caylee was missing for so long without it being reported and had it not been for grandmother, probably would have stayed that way…the gall and the nerve. But we as society have done this to ourselves and we shall “reap what we sow” until the day finally comes when we stop murdering our own. Poor Caylee will have no justice today..but she will not be forgotten. We must all remember this case and its outcome…we must do better for ourselves. The longer the trial and the more “BS” presented wears on the mind and the soul of a jury who is basically restrained and confined from living their lives while the attorneys present a plethera of so called evidence…and some even laugh and make faces as the other side presents their case. What else will be expected from a handpicked jury that the defense can wrap up into a neat little package…or the prosecution in cases where high profile defense attorneys are not a factor. A jury of your peers is non existent people. It is a jury of the attorney’s picking and Caylee will have no justice today…Blessed be the child forever. Have fun at your parties Mom…”La Bella Vida”

  4. Missa says

    No justice for that baby girl and no one paid for the murder. Her mother was guilty of murder and how could they just not see that? I guess they had to see the murder to believe it was Casey? What the hell is wrong with those people? Ashton was so good and made the defense look likes asses.

    • Dot says

      It’s times like these I lost all respect for our justice (or lack of) system – and wish we could adopt some of the policies of other countries.
      The failure is in the 12 JURORS – they’re a bunch of losers if they made their own lives more important than the life of this little girl. I know they can’t sleep @ night now. this will haunt them.

  5. Dot says

    Oh, and the reason Casey’s parents George and Cindy will stand by their loser murderer baby killer daughter is that they KNOW THAT CASEY ONLY SAID THAT GEORGE & LEE MOLESTED HER TO SAVE HER LIFE – SHE ONLY LIED ON THE ADVICE OF THAT RAT OF A DEFENSE ATTORNEY OF HERS JOSE BAEZ (LOOKS JUST LIKE A RODENT! HA!). At home, they will all hug sickeningly and say, ‘we knew all along honey, you just had to make up anything you could to save your own life from the death sentence, we understand’…THIS FAMILY IS JUST FULL OF LIARS – EVER ONE OF THEM. Sweet Caylee, we love you baby girl, we will think of you always and forever angel xoxo

    • Laurie says

      Hey Jose or any of her other heartless greedy media hog lawyers-Heard Casey is filling out applications as a Nanny. Will you let her babysit?

    • rhon says

      Dot, surley you don’t think her parents had anything to do with this. Casey made up a lie as she has done throughout trial.That poor little caylee, what a beautiful name she had and I love her so much! We will miss you sweet little angel! No one knows what happen to this child but her Mother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What kind of Justice is this????? I want too move away from here. The whole USA is corrupt!!!

  6. Dot says

    Ok, an alternate juror just called in to Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell – and made this point: The jurors came to the conclusion that Caylee’s death was indeed a horrible accident, that Casey never actually meant to kill her via either a)accidental drowning b)overdose of chloroform (used to put Caylee to sleep in her trunk so she could party), so that is different from intentional 1st degree murder. I still would have voted guilty though.

    Another point a caller on Issues made: In this case, Casey admitted that Caylee was indeed drowned during all this time – so is she liable for this? Shouldn’t she be punished for that??? More than 4 measily years??!

    ***Jeff Ashton is retiring – and I don’t blame him – This verdict really spells out clearly that there is NO JUSTICE in this American Court System.*** It’s like finding out eveything you’ve devoted your life to is for naught, and just an illusion, fake, wrong.

  7. Dot says

    Ok if human beings aren’t rational as Jane Velez-Mitchell stated on Issues – and that sitting with Casey eyeball to eyeball for 6 weeks – then let’s let the entire country decide the fate and act as jurors – because there are a bunch more rational sane ones of us out here obviously than on that crack jury!!!!!!!!

  8. Staci says

    Completely sickened and, like the rest of you, have lost faith in the whole system. Even if the jurors thought it was an accident that occurred by doing something like drugging her or putting tape over her mouth to silence her without intending to kill her, the Judge made that clear that is still considered felony murder and felony murder is STILL first degree murder. Personally, I don’t think the jurors took this seriously and just wanted to get back home. We should have professional jurors who take the job seriously; not people who don’t want to be there (some of whom were probably not even capable of understanding some of the expert witnesses testimonies).

  9. Sheryl says

    Don’t forget, these jurors were picked because they knew next to nothing about the case. That means they don’t read newspapers, watch the news on TV or read magazines. The live with there head in the sand (or someplace else).

  10. Erick says

    This is a mirror reflection of how the broken system started in mexico!! Sad to think that this beautiful country could and probably will turn out like their friends in the south. This is how they handle MURDERE’S. They give them freedom, justice is never done. WE NEED TO CARE MORE FOR THE CHILDREN. HARSH PUNISHMENT FOR THOSE THAT DECIDE TO KILL OR HURT the little ones.No simpathy for the killers. Justice for the innocent!!! This so called woman is happy now. But one day her judgement day will come and she wont be able to lie her way out of this one. You are now eternally safe from this monster.NO ONE WILL HURT U NO MORE.REST IN PEACE BABY!!! Rest in peace….

  11. Andrea says

    Caylee’s Law, contact your Senator and Representative: there should be a new federal law created called Caylee’s Law that will make it a federal offense for a parent or guardian to not notify law enforcement of a child going missing in a timely manner. Let’s keep another case like Caylee Anthony out of the courts.
    Find Caylee’s Law petition here @

  12. Sam Kidd says

    From the first minute I heard that the pool ladder was left on ,I knew what had happened. I explained thre entire senareo to my hubby and he listened to what was said week after week and agreed with me.She did it . She loved herself more than she loved Caylee.

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