Say Goodbye to Wizards of Waverly Place

Say Goodbye to Wizards of Waverly Place

Today marks the last day of production for the Disney Channel Original Series Wizards of Waverly Place. This show is what launched Selena Gomez into the tween spotlight and made her a well-known name. Four seasons since the beginning, and numerous superstar boyfriends later (Nick Jonas, Taylor Lautner, and now Justin Bieber), Selena and the other cast members have to say goodbye to the well-loved show. Cast members include:

Selena Gomez
– David Henrie
– Jake T. Austin
– Jennifer Stone
– Gregg Sulkin
– Maria Canals-Barrera
– David DeLuise

David Henrie posted on Twitter, “Sad sad day here on set. The final production day of wizards of waverly place begins.”

Are you or your kids going to miss this Disney Channel hit series?


  1. stephanie snyder says

    the cast should keep going.with every teenager leaving their show the next show becomes more popular then the last.the show shake it up is already is the new comedy a.n.t. farm.selena is a teenage girl that has gave up beacause of her new boyfreind justin beiber,but her fans will always idolize her for her beauty,fame,and fourtune.the most thing i will miss about the show is the people.selena,jake,jennifer,david h,david,and maria are the ones i will miss the most.the show will become less popular and go off air like hannah montana.the cast will be dearly missed.their hard work has payed off in their sucsess.selena just dd a wonderful movie.monte carlo is another word to her is a great movie for kids 9 and is based on a love novel .I WILL DEARLY MISS YA’LL AS YOU LEAVE.HAVE WONDERFUL JOURNEYS,AND PLEASE DO A DIFFERENT SHOW SO CHILDREN WILL STILL LOVE THE CAST AND ALL THEY HAVE DONE FOR DISNEY.THEY WILL FOREVER MISS THE FANS THE FAME AND THE FOURTUNE.I’LL MISS YOU FOREVER AS YOU LEAVE YOUR SHOW .YOU WILL ALWAYS BE THEBEST PEOPLE IN A SHOWW IN A LONG TIME.i’m a ten year old but i know that they will be missed.i’ll miss your least you will leave with your fame and fourtune

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